Welcome to AÉHEE NEW YORK!

The ethically and ecologically grounded Handbag makers

Hi. I'm Juliane, the founder of AÉHEE!

Our mission is to help you embrace a lifestyle where sustainability meets style. We believe in the power of carrying a single, high-quality leather bag that will age beautifully and last a lifetime, rather than accumulating wasteful choices.
Nature, fashion, and art are my passions, and I find beauty in the raw, unpolished aspects of life. Our eco-friendly leather bags are a testament to this philosophy. By choosing one of our timeless designs, not only will you make a fashion statement, but you will also contribute to a healthier planet.
Our company identity is built upon the values of ethics, minimalism, durability, and uniqueness. Each bag we create is crafted with care, ensuring it effortlessly compliments your lifestyle while reflecting your individuality. We take pride in producing pieces that make you feel truly special.
Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable and stylish future. Together, let's carry a bag that tells a story—one that is both enchanting and meaningful.
Warmest regards,

Juliane Aehee Hah

The name AEHEE (pronounced eh-he) is my Korean name, and it means LOVE and SHINE

I want to create bags that are made with LOVE, and when you carry them, they make you SHINE.